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Fire alarms are one of the most important components of a fire protection system as they are designed to alert you of an impending fire emergency. A report published by The American Red Cross states that an estimated 890 lives could be saved annually with the use of working fire alarms. Premier Fire Protection Services, LLC will furnish your home, commercial, or industrial property with a complete fire alarm system design and installation.

Functional fire alarm systems adhere to rigorous standards that ensure they maintain a reliable working condition at all times. Beyond our design and installation services, we create a service program that includes regular fire alarm system testing, which ensures that the systems we install meet National Fire Protection Association requirements, system manufacturer recommendations, and any other regulations set by local authorities. The program will include the inspection of any and all manual pull stations, alert/alarm methods (strobes and horns), smoke and heat detectors, exit/emergency signs and lights, duct detectors, annunciator panels, the main alarm panel and any communications sub-panels, and battery backup supplies.

If during testing, our professionals find any issues that would adversely affect the proper operation of the alarms, we are also equipped to provide fire alarm system repairs to keep your property up to code in your commitment to provide a safe and protected living or working environment.

Premier Fire Protection Services, LLC. provides complete fire alarm system services to give you the head start in fire response. Call 240-366-8163.