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Fire Hydrant Inspection

Think of the fire hydrant as a gateway to fire protection: They give firefighters access to a reliable water supply to respond to fire emergencies. It’s more than just a matter of location, but fire hydrant services are necessary to ensure that the hydrant itself is fully operational when needed.

Fire hydrant inspections usually require annual maintenance and testing. While the maintenance and testing of public hydrants is typically handled and scheduled by local municipal authorities, they are not responsible for those located on large commercial or industrial properties. In those cases, fire hydrant testing must be coordinated through a professional fire protection service.

Premier Fire Protection Services, LLC provides fire hydrant repairs, testing, and inspections. This suite of services includes mechanism lubrication, restoring head gaskets and O-rings, flushing out sediments, and repairing broken or damaged components. These services establish the hydrant’s ability to properly connect to hoses with clear, uninhibited water flow. As hydrants are often susceptible to damage from vehicle accidents and other collisions, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that all parts of the hydrant are intact and working.

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