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A key component of sprinkler system operation is the fire pump, which is part of the system’s water supply. They are typically powered using electricity, diesel fuel, or steam and either connect to a public underground water supply or another static source, including a reservoir or tank. The National Fire Protection Association set the code that governs fire pump installations.

Just like every other element in a fire protection system, they require routine inspections and repair. Our experienced professionals inspect fire pumps for deterioration, corrosion, and alignment. These are factors that could inhibit the pump’s ability to draw water from the connected supply if found to not be in peak working condition. Furthermore, we inspect the circulation relief valve and conduct preventative maintenance to ensure that the fire pump is completely operational and meets those rigorous standards.

These are not the type of fire system inspections that should be left in the hands of novice workers. The professionals at Premier Fire Protection Services, LLC have the training, education, and expertise that qualifies us to identify, advise, and repair any issues that we discover. This includes visual inspections and full testing of the interconnected segments that make up the fire pump.

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