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One of the most important factors in being able to safely escape from a fire is the ability to see where you’re going. It’s often the case that fire emergencies adversely affect your building or home’s power by causing surges and outages. Darkness makes an already dangerous situation that much more risky and perilous to manage.

Emergency lighting is designed to work when the main power source fails. Not only is darkness debilitating, but the addition of smoke can also cause people to become panicked and disoriented. Emergency lighting illuminates passageways and exits to provide a clearer path to safety. It helps minimize falling hazards while helping people to remain calm enough to follow their fire emergency procedures.

Emergency lighting from Premier Fire Protection Services, LLC includes design, installation, inspections, and testing. We’ll ensure that all lighting components are constructed with secure materials and using industry standard processes that are appropriate and reliable for your location.

Emergency lighting is one of the most essential elements in creating your fire emergency evacuation plan. Not only does it direct people toward safety, but it is also used to illuminate fire safety tools, including alarms and extinguishers. Our emergency light testing, and maintenance services ensure that each lighting component is properly affixed, appropriately located, and adequately charged and powered.

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