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In commercial and industrial settings, sprinkler systems are one of the most consistent, reliable, and thorough ways to protect people and property from injuries and damage caused by fires. Sprinkler systems are characterized by quick response time and the ability to completely extinguish fires. As every commercial and industrial property is unique, there are different types of systems that are more appropriate than others for the type of property that you manage or own.

We provide full sprinkler system installation, which includes piping, electrical and plumbing hookups, and sprinkler head installation. Our expertise allows us to recommend the appropriate type of sprinkler system for your property.

The Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler System is the most common and usually the type most people think of when talking about sprinkler systems. When heat reaches the sprinkler heads, they open and immediately discharge water. This type is used in most office building settings.

The Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler System is the ideal type for use in unheated buildings and settings where the temperatures reach cold enough levels to freeze the water in a wet pipe system. It uses pressurized air instead of water. When the sprinkler heads open, the air is released, which then allows water to flow out of the sprinkler heads.

The Deluge Fire Sprinkler System allows water to be released from every sprinkler head at the same time. It’s ideal for settings where there is a higher risk of fire spreading rapidly. The pipes in this system are connected to the water supply by a valve.

The Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler System combines components of the dry and wet pipe systems. It’s ideal for providing fire protection in buildings and areas where expensive and/or sensitive equipment or valuables are stored and used. An electronically-operated valve that holds water back from the piping must be activated by the system’s fire detection mechanism. Once heat activates the system, water will then be allowed to flow through the pipes and then through the sprinkler heads.

Premier Fire Protection Services, LLC. is equipped and prepared to provide sprinkler system testing, sprinkler system repairs, and full installation for all of the aforementioned types of sprinkler systems. Call us today at 240-366-8163.