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Fire protection system repairs aren’t just a matter of waiting for problems to arise and responding with emergency fixes; it’s about regular service and maintenance. While many of the parts and mechanisms associated with the various fire protection systems are designed to withstand great stress and last for a long time, they do require the maintenance and service that certified professionals provide to keep them in working condition.

The National Fire Protection Association sets rigorous codes and standards that act as guidelines for the maintenance and inspection of fire protection and life safety systems. They outline the minimum requirements necessary to verify that all components will meet the stated performance standards.

Whether or not we initially designed and installed your fire protection system, our in-house training, experience, and continued education gives us the flexibility, industry knowledge, and skill to identify and service any system design. There are many environmental and human factors that contribute to the condition of various fire system components, especially if they’ve been recently discharged. Restore your alarms, sprinklers, lighting, backflow, hydrant, and extinguishers to peak operating status with service and maintenance from Premier Fire Protection Services, LLC.

Prevention and preparation are the keys to successful fire safety systems. A call to 240-366-8163 gets you one step closer to maintaining a fully operative system that adheres to national and local standards.